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International travel

International travel and migration statistics count passengers arriving into and departing from New Zealand. Passengers are split into one of three passenger types: overseas visitors, New Zealand-resident travellers, and permanent and long-term migrants.

Arrivals and departures of overseas visitors and New Zealand resident travellers are key indicators of tourism and travel. The International travel statistics measures international visitor arrivals into New Zealand, and collects data on their origin, purpose of visit, intended length of stay, age, gender and port of arrival.

Access to the data was provided by Statistics New Zealand under conditions designed to give effect to the security provisions of the Statistics Act 1975.


[image] Seasonally Adjusted Visitor Arrival statistics - click on the image to view the full screen version.

View the Seasonally Adjusted Visitor Arrival statistics


International visitor arrivals commentary

Read commentary, prepared by our research team, on International Visitor Arrivals data. This commentary describes the key trends and identifies areas of interest.

Read more about International visitor arrivals commentary

International visitor arrivals key data tables

Topline facts and figures from Statistics New Zealand’s International Travel and Migration are presented, specifically arrivals by country of residence for the most recent month and year end, including the percentage change.

Read more about International visitor arrivals key data tables

Weekly in and outbound statistics

This page provides the latest provisional weekly and four-weekly data for short-term inbound and outbound travel to and from New Zealand to enable the tourism industry to monitor arrivals and departures on a regular and timely basis.

Read more about Weekly in and outbound statistics

About international travel data

Read about the international travel data presented in this section, including methodology, data reliability and definitions of key terms.

Read more about About international travel data

Last updated 22 June 2015

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