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Note | Due to delays in processing the data, the online database will be updated 15 April 2013. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Domestic Travel Survey is a key source of information on domestic travel within New Zealand. Navigate our databases from the Domestic Travel Survey using the links below.

For information on how to use the databases please refer to the Infoview user manual [356 KB PDF].


Domestic Traveller Expenditure

Total expenditure – this provides total expenditure of domestic travellers by purpose of visit.

Trip expenditure – this shows the expenditure of domestic travellers grouped by the level of expenditure.

Expenditure by product – this provides the different types of expenditure e.g. accommodation, transport, food & alcohol etc.


Travel Patterns in New Zealand

Accommodation Types Used – this provides information on the different types of accommodation used by domestic travellers.

Transport Types Used – this provides information about the different types of transport used by domestic travellers.

Activities and Attractions – this provides the list of activities and attractions undertaken by domestic travellers.

RTOs Travelled To – this is the list of Regional Tourism Organisation regions that domestic travellers travelled to.


New Zealand Trip Characteristics

Travel Companions – this describes who domestic travellers travelled with on their trip.

Type of Trip – this shows the percentage of trips taken by type i.e. day or overnight trip by domestic travellers.

Length of Stay Distribution – this shows the percentage of trips undertaken by domestic travellers by their length of stay.

Length of Stay – shows the length of stay of domestic travellers by their purpose of visit.

Top Reasons for Trip – shows the number of domestic traveller nights by purpose of visit.


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Last updated 11 April 2013

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