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Domestic travel spending levels off in year ending December 2012

Domestic travel spending plateaued at $9.8 billion for the year ending December 2012 – no change from the year ending December 2011. However this represents a 14% increase over the December 2010 figure of $8.6 billion. As can be seen in Figure 1, there is a decline in spend from the year ending September 2012.

Figure 1:Rolling annual average expenditure by trip type

[image] Rolling annual average expenditure by trip type - December 2012.

Comparing total spend by trip purpose or by type of expenditure shows no significant change in the distribution of spend in the 12 months ending December 2012.

Over the past 12 months, accommodation nights declined 3% from 51.3 million to 49.8 million, although this decline was within the level of statistical uncertainty. The total number of trips declined by 5% from 50.1 million to 47.6 million.

Figure 2: Rolling average number of trips by trip purpose

[image] Rolling average number of trips by trip purpose - December 2012.

The Domestic Travel Survey is an annual phone survey of 15,000 New Zealand residents and is undertaken throughout the year. Domestic travel data collected includes day trips (where 40km has been travelled one way from home) and overnight trips. The latest survey covers domestic travel trends for the year ending December 2012. The next survey release to the year ending June 2013 is scheduled for December 2013.


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Last updated 11 April 2013

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