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Tourism research and data

Tourism Domain Plan

The purpose of the Tourism Data Domain Plan is to achieve clarity and agreement from stakeholders about the main priorities for tourism statistics, and provide the strategy for addressing these priorities over the next five to eight years.

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International travel

Access information from Statistics New Zealand describing New Zealand’s inbound travel and outbound travel, including who is coming to New Zealand, from which countries and for what purpose. This includes International Visitor Arrivals dataset, as well as information about New Zealanders’ outbound international travel.

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International visitor survey

Access information, from the International Visitor Survey describing the behaviour of international visitors while they are in New Zealand – including what they spend, where they stay, and what they do.

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Regional tourism indicators

The regional tourism indicators (RTI) measure the change in level of expenditure of both international and domestic travellers in New Zealand by region. The data is based on electronic card transactions.

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Regional tourism estimates

The RTEs provide regional stakeholders with absolute dollar estimates of tourism expenditure at a detailed regional level (i.e. by regional council, territorial authority, visitors’ country of origin and industry).

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Regional Economic Activity Report

The 2014 Regional Economic Activity Report pulls together all available economic data on New Zealand’s 16 regions into one place. It includes in-depth commentary across regional business environments, highlighting each region’s performance in key areas important to economic growth.

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Domestic travel survey

Access data and commentary from New Zealand’s Domestic Travel Survey, describing New Zealanders’ domestic travel patterns, expenditure, and more.

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Commercial accommodation monitor

Monitor trends in commercial accommodation in New Zealand with the Commercial Accommodation Monitor and New Zealand Hotel Council Data.

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Tourism satellite account

Understand tourism’s contribution to New Zealand’s gross domestic product, reported by the Tourism Satellite Account.

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Tourism forecasts

Since 1999, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has produced forecasts annually for a seven-year projection period. The current forecasts cover the period to 2020.

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Other research and reports

Access a range of tourism research and reports commissioned or undertaken by the Ministry of Economic Development in recent years.

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Last updated 29 April 2015

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