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Postal services in New Zealand

New Zealand's postal market was opened to to full competition in 1998. We are responsible for laws and regulations relating to postal services.


Postal operators

Any company or individual can operate a business delivering letters  as long as they meet the requirements of the Postal Services Act 1998.

Under this law, anyone intending to run a business as a postal operator must apply to us for registration.


Role of New Zealand Post

In 1998, the Postal Services Act removed New Zealand Post's statutory monopoly to carry letters, and the postal market was opened to to full competition.

New Zealand Post is now a state-owned enterprise, and is subject to a deed of understanding with the government to cover its social, price and service committments.


Laws about posting dangerous or objectionable material

It is an offence to post dangerous or objectionable material.  The law allows postal operators to hold suspicious or dangerous postal articles.


Laws about opening posted items

It is an offence to unlawfully open a postal article that is not addressed to you, or to divulge its contents.


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