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Consultation on proposed changes to New Zealand Post’s Deed of Understanding

Submissions closed at
5pm on Tuesday, 12 March 2013
Proposed Deed by NZ Post PDF Document 90kb
NZ Post discussion document PDF Document 1018kb
NZ Post proposal Q&A PDF Document 68kb


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is inviting written submissions on a proposal from New Zealand Post to amend its minimum service obligations, as set out in the Deed of Understanding it signed with the Crown in 1998.

Under the Deed, New Zealand Post must provide six-day-per week delivery to 95 percent of its delivery points, refrain from introducing a rural delivery fee, and maintain a network of 880 postal outlets, among other requirements.

The changes that New Zealand Post is proposing are summarised in the table below:


Current Deed

NZ Post proposal

Delivery frequency

6 days per week delivery to 95% of addresses

5 days per week delivery to 99.88% of addresses

1 to 4 days per week delivery to other 0.12% of addresses

Not less than 3 days per week delivery to 99.88% of addresses

1 day per week delivery to other 0.12% of delivery points

Existing addresses with 2 or 3 day delivery will not have frequency reduced

Minimum number of delivery addresses in total

At least 1,463,938

At least 1,910,0101

Commitment to add new delivery addresses


Will add new delivery addresses on request, unless operationally impracticable or would jeopardise commercial sustainability of the universal postal service

Limit on use of community mail boxes

No more than 1.5% of total delivery points

No more than 3.0% of total delivery points


NZ Post shall not re-introduce the rural delivery fee

No change

Postal outlets in total

At least 880

At least 880, but can include self-service kiosks

Postal outlets with agency services

At least 240

At least 240 providing bill pay services, but can include self-service kiosks

Access to postal network

Obligation to provide competitors with access to the NZ Post postal network

No change

Hard copies of all the proposal documents can be requested by contacting the Ministry on 04 4742908 or at postalpolicy@mbie.govt.nz.



New Zealand Post Limited is a State-Owned Enterprise. The company signed a Deed of Understanding with the Crown in 1998.

Clause 21 of the Deed of Understanding provides that

“New Zealand Post may request the Minister [for Communications and Information Technology] to amend the provisions of this deed during its term. The Minister shall consider any such request and, following consultation with the Minister for State-Owned Enterprises, may amend the deed, but shall not be bound to make any amendment requested by New Zealand Post.”

In 2012, New Zealand Post made a request for changes. As part of her consideration of the proposal, the Minister for Communications and Information Technology has directed the Ministry to launch this public consultation.

1: Representing the number of delivery points in NZ Post’s network as at 30 June 2012


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