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Monitoring and regulation

We are responsible for all government policy relating to both broadband initiatives.  We also monitor compliance with contracts for the Rural Broadband Initiative.

The Commerce Commission monitors and enforces the deeds of undertakings made by the government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband Initiative partners and other aspects of the Telecommunications Act.

Crown Fibre Holdings monitors compliance with the terms of the Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative while the network is being built.


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On these websites:

The Crown Fibre Holdings Limited website

The Commerce Commission website


Industry standards

The Telecommunications Carriers' Forum maintains industry standards about the delivery of ultra-fast broadband services.

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Road corridor deployment standards

A set of standards is being developed for controlling how broadband infrastructure is installed within road corridors.

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Telecommunications Act 2001

New Zealand’s telecommunications regulatory regime is embodied in the Telecommunications Act 2001.

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Last updated 7 December 2011

Cyber security

The National Cyber Policy Office within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet now has lead responsibility for developing cyber security policy advice for government.