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  • Make Government data more accessible, to facilitate the development of new applications and services
  • Cost savings and better quality service delivery through sharing assets, services and information across agencies
  • Reduce government costs and the costs of accessing government services by increasing the use of online channels
  • Deliver frontline services to where they are most needed, at a lower cost.

Government-led initiatives to foster use of faster broadband

New applications and services for Government

  • Through the ‘Open Door to Innovation’ initiative, with support from the ICT Ministers Group, ICT Chief Executives group, and the ICT Council.


Better access to government data

  • Users will be able to directly download data and directories, enabling them to develop a wide range of online services and tools.


Increased use of the web channel

  • The Rethink Online programme will reduce fragmentation and increase coordination of online services between agencies.


Centralised ICT services, business processes, and information

  • Deliver frontline services where they are needed most, at lower cost through one.govt and Infrastructure as a Service.


Other ICT initiatives now possible with faster broadband will develop within individual agencies.

  • For example, within NZTA, MSD and DOC.


Last updated 7 December 2011

Cyber security

The National Cyber Policy Office within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet now has lead responsibility for developing cyber security policy advice for government.