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Benefits of fast broadband

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Broadband in business

The roll out of ultra-fast broadband has the potential to transform New Zealand businesses. It offers opportunities to save costs, increase productivity, extend reach, and offer new products and services.

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Broadband in healthcare

Faster broadband offers the potential to deliver healthcare in new and innovative ways.

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Broadband in local government

Local government is recognised as being extremely important to the success of the ultra-fast broadband initiative. Local authorities can contribute to the initiative by recognising it as a key strategic initiative for their region.

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Broadband in Māori communities

Faster and more extensive broadband coverage is expected to bring a range of benefits to Māori communities.

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Broadband in rural communities

The Rural Broadband Initiative has been put into place to bring significantly better broadband services to rural areas, which has lacked investment. About half the rural community can access internet services only at dial-up speed.

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Broadband in schools

The government has identified schools as a key priority for connection to ultra-fast broadband.

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Cyber security

The National Cyber Policy Office within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet now has lead responsibility for developing cyber security policy advice for government.