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Fast broadband

Fast broadband

New Zealand's broadband is getting faster. 

The government has put in place two initiatives to improve broadband services - the Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative and the Rural Broadband Initiative.

Together, the new broadband programmes will bring faster broadband to 97.8 per cent of New Zealanders.

[image] Faster broadband is coming.


Ultra-Fast Broadband
Rural Broadband
Govt Action Plan

Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative

[internal link] Learn more about the ultra-fast broadband initiative. The Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative is a government programme to expand and develop New Zealand’s broadband services.

Ultra-fast broadband will bring fibre optic technology to homes, schools, hospitals, marae and businesses.

Crown Fibre Holdings monitors Ultra-Fast Broadband deployment and contracts with local fibre companies and Chorus. 

Rural Broadband Initiative

[internal link] Rural Broadband Initiative. This government initiative will deliver broadband Internet to rural communities at a cost and service level comparable with urban areas.

There will also be extended cellphone coverage.

Food and agri-business products contribute two-thirds of New Zealand's export earnings, so the benefits of improving rural broadband are expected to be significant.

Government Action Plan for Faster Broadband

[internal link] Download the action plan [85 KB PDF]. The Government Five Point Broadband Action Plan provides an overview of what the government is doing to support the benefits of faster broadband in five key sectors – health, business, education, community, and government.


Find out if you will receive Ultra-Fast Broadband or are you covered by the Rural Broadband Initiative. Email your physical address to and ask us to check for you.
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