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The Hobbit

In October 2010, the New Zealand Government and Warner Bros announced a strategic partnership to enable the two Hobbit movies directed by Sir Peter Jackson to be made in New Zealand.

The agreement with Warner Bros included:

  • widening the criteria for the Large Budget Screen Production Grant to improve New Zealand’s competitiveness as a film destination for very large budget productions
  • the inclusion of a marketing featurette about New Zealand on all Hobbit DVDs
  • the amendment of employment law to clarify the distinction between independent contractors and employees as it relates to the film production industry
  • the holding of the world premiere in New Zealand
  • formation of a strategic partnership between the government and Warner Brothers to work together to promote New Zealand as both a film production and tourism destination.

The agreement presents an opportunity for New Zealand to be promoted on the world stage as a film and tourism destination.


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Last updated 7 December 2011