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Outcome of Schedule 4 stocktake process

On 20 July 2010, the Government announced the outcome of consultation on the Maximising Our Minerals Potential: Stocktake of Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act and Beyond discussion paper. After careful consideration of the feedback received in submissions, the Government has agreed that:

  • No areas will be removed from Schedule 4 of the Crown Minerals Act 1991.
  • All of the 14 areas proposed for addition to Schedule 4 will be added to the schedule. (View the maps of New Zealand to locate these areas).
  • A low impact technical investigation will be undertaken of Northland (in strategic alliance with Northland Regional Council, the Far North District Council, and Enterprise Northland), the West Coast and various other highly prospective areas in the South Island – excluding any Schedule 4 areas. This will identify mineral deposits and assist with hazard identification (for example, faults and slips), road maintenance and conservation planning. (View the maps of New Zealand to locate these areas).
  • Areas given classifications equivalent to current Schedule 4 areas (for example, national parks and marine reserves) will in the future be automatically added to Schedule 4. Such will be agreed by Cabinet.
  • Significant applications to mine on public conservation land will be publicly notified.
  • The process for approval of mineral-related access arrangements over Crown land will be amended so that approvals are jointly decided by the land-holding minister and the Minister of Energy and Resources, and take into account criteria related to the economic, mineral and national significance of the proposal.
  • The proposed conservation fund based on mineral royalties will not proceed.

The processes for classification of conservation land, automatic inclusion of some classifications in Schedule 4, and public notification of mining applications on public conservation land were not proposed in the discussion paper but are decisions that have been adopted in response to the feedback received in submissions.

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Maps of final decisions

The following maps - one for the North Island and one for the South Island - set out the areas for addition, the areas that will remain in Schedule 4, and the non-Schedule 4 areas where further technical investigations will be carried out.

Last updated 6 December 2011