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Moving to the Centre Report

A report on the future of the New Zealand food industry

This project is to develop a clear initial overview of New Zealand’s processed foods exports.  In particular, to understand the drivers of the growth and success of New Zealand’s processed foods exports to Australia, and to gain any insights that can be applied to other markets.

New Zealand’s exports of all food to Australia have been growing at double digit levels for a decade and are now valued at NZ$2.1 billion.  Nearly half of these exports are higher value processed foods.

We commissioned a research report from Coriolis Research to be undertaken in the context of the government’s stated growth objectives.

Productivity growth is entirely about changes in products, markets, processes and ways of doing things . It typically manifests itself by firms producing goods and services that are close (in terms of the capabilities and resources needed to produce them) to the country's current productive structure.  In other words, we must work with what we already have.

The report shows that the biggest lever in the New Zealand economy is the food and beverage sector, and that this sector can be a driver of significant growth well into the future.


Last updated 7 December 2011