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Green Growth Terms of Reference

Green Growth encompasses a broad set of issues and possible actions. The Advisory Group focused on the Green Growth opportunities and threats that arise under three topics as defined in its Terms of Reference :

  1. How New Zealand, and in particular government agencies, can help exporters leverage greater value in international markets from our ‘clean green’ brand;
  2. Opportunities for smarter use of existing technologies and innovation, as well as greater development and adoption of new technologies (including clean technologies) in our productive sectors; and
  3. Options for our small and medium sized businesses to move to a lower carbon economy while sustaining the desired level of productive growth.

Government Ministers have been clear that they do not expect the Advisory Group to develop a comprehensive strategy for Green Growth. They have asked for advice on policies under the three topics. The Advisory Group also sees its role as helping to set the basis for ongoing discussion of Green Growth issues in relation to New Zealand’s future.


Last updated 14 September 2013

Green Growth Advisory Group Report

The Advisory Group's report 'Greening New Zealand's Growth' is now available.

[internal link] Greening New Zealand's Growth - Green Growth Advisory Group report - December 2011.