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Energy security

A high level of energy security is vital to our economy and to our personal well-being. Energy security is achieved when there are sufficient levels of energy resources reliably delivered via robust networks to meet changing demands over time.

Energy systems – in particular in relation to oil, gas and electricity – must have resilience to cope with shocks and change, for example, from natural disasters or international events.

Obtaining energy from a diversity of sources, rather than being reliant on a few dominant sources, enhances energy security and resilience. More efficient and flexible use of energy across society also contributes to system security. Secure and affordable energy is best achieved through competitive markets.

Relevant information on energy security can be highlighted on a sector-by-sector basis:

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Oil security

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has progressed a number of initiatives to help mitigate the impact of international and domestic oil supply disruption.

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Gas security

Secure gas supplies rely on a number of features including; having enough gas production to meet demand; an effective transmission and distribution system; an effective regulatory regime; a positive gas supply outlook and a system to ensure safe and secure gas supplies.

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Electricity security

Long-term security and reliability of electricity supply requires regulatory certainty and effective and balanced rules.

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Oil Emergency Response Strategy

The purpose of the Oil Emergency Response Strategy is to ensure the effects of a petroleum supply disruption on New Zealand are minimised and that New Zealand can meet its obligations as a member of the International Energy Agency.

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Peak oil

Peak oil refers to the point at which global oil production will reach its maximum output (or "peak") and thereafter begin to decline.

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Last updated 30 October 2012