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Solar photovoltaic energy

Interest is growing in solar photovoltaic (PV) energy.

Solar PV technology is unique among the renewable energy technologies in having the potential to decline in cost and improve in performance at a rate in line with electronic, rather than mechanical or chemical, technology. Indeed, the technology used for solar PV is similar to that used to make computer chips, which have seen a rapid decline in costs and improvements in performance for decades.

Solar PV can be installed almost anywhere energy is needed, its direct greenhouse gas emissions are nil and local environmental impacts are generally negligible.

It is within this context that MED engaged IT Power to conduct an assessment of the future costs and performance of solar PV in New Zealand. In particular, MED wishes to understand the potential of solar PV to contribute to the goals of making energy in New Zealand more secure, affordable, and environmentally responsible. This information will feed into analysis of New Zealand's medium and long-term energy future.


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Last updated 13 December 2011