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Energy Data File

The New Zealand Energy Data File provides data and information on New Zealand's energy sector, including statistics on supply and demand by fuel types, energy balance tables, pricing information and international comparisons. It is an annual publication, reporting data on a calendar year basis. Latest quarterly information is available under Energy Data.

The 2012 edition includes information up to the end of the calendar 2011.

Previous versions of the EDF are available on request from

Hard copies of the 2012 edition are available to purchase for NZ$70.00 each (excluding postage and packaging) using the order form.


[icon] Pencil & document.  We are interested in stakeholders’ opinions of the Energy Data File, what they find useful about it, and how it could be improved. We’d appreciate you taking the time to complete this short online survey.

If you have questions about the survey, or other matters, please contact


Last updated 15 November 2012