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Welcome to the Renewable Energy Information Portal. From here you can access all historical renewable energy information published in the New Zealand Energy Data File by the Energy Information and Modelling Group. Information is available on New Zealand’s renewable energy supply and demand, and liquid biofuels production.

Annual Online Summary

New Zealand Energy Data File 2012 - Section F. Renewables Summary

The following figures and text are a summary of the information presented in section 'F. Renewables' of the New Zealand Energy Data File 2012. Basic renewables information is presented up to calendar year 2011.

For further details see Section F. Renewables of the New Zealand Energy Data File 2012.

2011 saw a record high contribution of renewable sources to primary energy supply; both as a share of total supply – 39% – and as an absolute – 321 PJ. This increase on the previous year was mainly due to continued growth in the geothermal sector.

In 2011, a total of 77% of electricity generation came from renewable resources due to record high geothermal generation and good hydro in-flows. This is the highest renewables percentage since 1996 and is third in the OECD.


Figure 1: Renewable Primary Energy Supply 2011

[image] Figure 1: Renewable Primary Energy Supply 2011.


Figure 2: Percentage of New Zealand Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources

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Last updated 19 December 2013