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Welcome to the Electricity Information Portal. From here you can access all historical electricity information published by the Energy Information and Modelling Group. Information is available on New Zealand’s electricity supply, demand, and transmission and distribution, and links are provided to electricity price information.

Annual Online Summary

New Zealand Energy Data File 2012 - Section G. Electricity Summary

The following figures and text are a summary of the information presented in section 'G. Electricity' of the New Zealand Energy Data File 2012.

Basic electricity generation and consumption information is presented up to calendar year 2011. In the Energy Data File 2012, some information is still presented for years ending March 31, in which case it is clearly labelled as such.

For further details see section G. Electricity of the New Zealand Energy Data File 2012.

In 2011, 43,138 GWh or 155 PJ of electricity was generated in New Zealand with 91% of this being provided by New Zealand five largest generators, Meridian Energy (32%), Contact Energy (22%), Genesis Power (15%), Mighty River Power (17%) and TrustPower (6%).


Figure 1a: Electricity Generation by Fuel Type for 1975 - 2011

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Figure 1b: Electricity Generation by Fuel Type for 2011

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In 2011 hydro, geothermal, and wind generation accounted for 58%, 13% and 5% of the total electricity generation, respectively. Gas and coal-fired generation accounted for 18% and 5% of generation respectively. Other fuel types including oil, biogas, waste heat, and wood represented the remainder.


Figure 2: Observed Electricity Consumption by Sector

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Observed electricity consumption for 2011 totalled 38,490 GWh. Of this, an estimated 5% was sold to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing sector grouping, 38% the industrial sector, 33% to the Residential sector, and 24% to the commercial sector. In addition to this an estimated 638 GWh of electricity was generated onsite and consumed onsite by industrial consumers, giving New Zealand’s total consumption for 2011 as 39,128 GWh.


Last updated 20 March 2014