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Archive of electricity price surveys

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) conducts regular surveys of residential electricity prices. This page provides the results of these surveys over time.

Residential electricity prices estimated for an 8000 kWh per annum consumer with a typical metering configuration in cents per kWh (c/kWh).

The line charge figures represent the total (fixed and variable) cost of electricity transmission and distribution.

The retail figures represent the total cost of electricity to a residential consumer. The figures include the "line charge" component.

GST and Prompt Payment Discounts are included in all published prices. Electronic payment, direct debit, or fixed term contract discounts are not included.

For example (figures given inclusive of GST), a Retailer may charge a consumer 100 cents/day and 22c/kWh of electricity consumed. This would cost an 8,000 kWh per annum customer $2125 per annum (i.e. (100*365+22*8000)/100), or 26.6 c/kWh (i.e. 2125/8000*100 = 26.6). If the Retailer offered a 10% PPD, the final cost to the consumer would be 23.9 c/kWh. The line charge component is calculated in a similar manner.

For more detail and other important information about this survey, refer to Notes to Quarterly Survey.


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Last updated 20 March 2014