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We monitor market performance and work to ensure a competitive market delivers competitive prices.

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A diverse range of renewable resources power our economy.

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Energy data

Access the latest energy data for New Zealand or download one of our publications.

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Natural resources

Information on oil and gas, minerals, geothermal and biodiscovery are available in the Natural resources section.

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New Zealand’s abundant and diverse energy resources have long underpinned our economy. 

The challenge is to meet New Zealand's energy needs in a way that supports our way of life, the economy and the environment. 

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Current data reports for this sector include:


Energy strategies

Energy strategies

The New Zealand Energy Strategy 2011-2021 sets the strategic direction for the energy sector and the role energy will play in the New Zealand economy.

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Energy data and modelling

The Ministry undertakes future energy supply and demand modelling and produces a range of useful energy data resources and publications.

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Energy efficiency and the environment

Making improvements in energy efficiency, energy conversation and renewable energy is a priority for the government.

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Energy security

A high level of energy security is vital to our economy and to our personal well-being. Energy security is achieved when there are sufficient levels of energy resources reliably delivered via robust networks to meet changing demands over time.

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Electricity market

The Ministry develops and implements policy for the electricity sector, especially relating to the regulatory framework and governance. We also monitor market performance, including competition issues and electricity prices.

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Liquid fuel market

This section includes information on weekly oil prices; current duties, taxes and levies; and fuel quality specifications.

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Gas market

The Ministry has a lead role within government to regulate the gas market so it is safe, efficient, fair and environmentally sustainable.

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International relationships

International relationships allow New Zealand to participate in high-level multi-national discussions on key energy issues, collaborate in studies and research and development programmes, and develop policy built on the best regional and international information.

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Energy safety

The Ministry works with industry to promote and enforce high standards of safety and quality in electricity and gas networks, installations and products.

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