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Your volunteer programme

Need to recruit volunteers and you don’t have a plan?

Start planning your volunteer programme with the Managing Volunteers Checklist


The 2011 Rugby World Cup was the largest event held in New Zealand and delivered a valuable post event legacy to assist volunteer involving organisations. To help develop your volunteer programme follow the key stages of the RWC Volunteer Programme and utilise the planning documents.

Rugby World Cup 2011 Volunteering Resources Legacy


Both paid staff and volunteers represent your event and as your event ambassadors must:

  • Have a clear understanding of the event.
  • Understand the aims, objectives and philosophy of your event.


By adopting best practice volunteer management principles and empowering volunteers with a good understanding of your organisation, you will provide awesome volunteering opportunities to inspire volunteers to come back to your event each year or to become involved in your organisation in an on-going manner.  


Last updated 30 April 2013