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Resources for volunteers


As a volunteer you are entitled to the same rights and responsibilities afforded to paid members on your team.


Organisation responsibility

  • Health & Safety - Volunteers expect a safe and healthy environment to work in.
  • Confidentiality - Personal information of volunteers is treated confidentially.
  • Conduct & Professionalism – Volunteers are respectful of the organisation and receive a supportive network and welcoming environment to carry out their volunteering responsibilities.

Volunteers are informed of their position description and the skills required with a clear understanding of the hours and days they are required, their entitlements, reimbursements and other details relating to the position or the organisation.

Volunteers expect organisations to fulfil their obligations.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • Attendance & Punctuality - Volunteers are punctual and expect organisations to be prepared. Volunteers inform the organisation if they unfit to work and in which case, they promptly advise their manager.
  • Commitment - Volunteers are committed to their volunteering position and understand the importance of the individual and the team commitment to an event.
  • Communication – Volunteers make every effort to keep their Volunteer Manager informed of their availability and development, including informing of changes to their phone number or email address.

Volunteers should also ensure their VolunteerNet profile is kept up to date if their contact details change or when they have acquired new skills.

Conversely, volunteers expect to be kept up to date about their position and the organisation. Volunteers can also expect to be provided with contact details for their Volunteer Manager. 



Useful website links

See the following websites that may be of interest to you. If you know of any other sites you have found to be useful, let us know and we will add them to the list:

Volunteering New Zealand

Sport New Zealand

Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector

CommunityNet Aotearoa

Funding Information Service

Volunteer Service Abroad

Sport New Zealand/Rugby World Cup 2011 Volunteering Resources Legacy


Regional Volunteer Centres 

North Island:

Volunteering Auckland

Volunteering Hawkes Bay

Volunteer Kapiti

Volunteer Resource Centre – Manawatu & Districts

Volunteering New Plymouth

Volunteering Waikato

Volunteer Wellington


South Island

Volunteer Nelson

Volunteering Canterbury

Volunteering Otago


Last updated 19 March 2013