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Volunteers are important

Motivated, friendly, enthusiastic and well-trained volunteers are crucial to successful event delivery and an important part of an event organiser’s team.

They are generally the ‘ambassadors’ of an event - creating the first and most lasting impression on teams, officials, VIPs and the public.

Developing a comprehensive volunteer programme will help ensure an event meets world class standards and provide participants with lasting memories of the event, the community experience and New Zealand.

VolunteerNet is an interactive website developed by New Zealand Major Events as part of Government’s RWC 2011 legacy programme to:

  • Connect volunteers and event organisers throughout New Zealand.
  • Assist event organisers to recruit and manage volunteers for their events.
  • Help people wanting to get involved in event-based volunteering to find opportunities that suit their skills and interests.
  • Provide resources to assist and develop successful volunteer outcomes at events.


Last updated 17 April 2013