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This privacy notice applies to personal information collected on this website.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment may ask you to provide us with some personal information when you complete an online form (eg, the site Contact form or a form to subscribe to site updates or news).

When you provide personal information, we undertake to:

  • store the information securely ourselves and not disclose it to any third party;
  • only use the information to communicate with you in the way indicated; and
  • store the information only for as long as is required to complete the task (but please note that site enquiries and feedback may be filed with related material for future use when monitoring overall feedback trends, user satisfaction, and similar).

Information the Ministry may collect about you will not be disclosed to any other person in a form that will identify you except in the following circumstances:

  1. Where you have consented to such disclosure, or
  2. Where such disclosure is required or permitted by the Privacy Act 1993 or otherwise required or permitted by law.

You have the right to:

  • find out from us whether we hold personal information about you
  • access that information; and, if applicable
  • request corrections to that information

(unless we have a good reason for refusing your request in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993).

If you want to check personal information that we hold about you, please contact us.

The Privacy Officer
c/- Director, Legal
Ministry of Economic Development
PO Box 1473
Wellington 6140.

For information on the privacy laws in New Zealand, please visit the Privacy Commissioner's website.

Last updated 29 June 2012