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Capital Market Development Taskforce

The Capital Market Development Taskforce (CMDT) was set up to:

  • Identify key constraints and key opportunities for the development of NZ's financial system.
  • Identify and debate options to improve the performance of New Zealand's financial system.
  • Develop a blueprint and action plan for the development of New Zealand's financial system.


The industry-led taskforce was established in July 2008 to improve New Zealand's financial system for the benefit of the New Zealand economy and its business.


On 16 December 2009 it released its final report, making 60 recommendations to improve the performance of our markets.

The taskforce looked at the current state of our capital markets, the international context, future risks and opportunities and key changes necessary to deliver the best possible financial system for New Zealand.


Importance of capital markets

Thriving capital markets are increasingly recognised as essential for New Zealand's economic growth. Greater depth and breadth in New Zealand's financial system will help firms raise funds in New Zealand and allow New Zealand to capture more of the gains for business growth. Better developed local capital markets will also deliver other benefits, including encouraging firms to locate to this country.



These papers have generally been prepared to inform the work of the Taskforce. The views in these papers are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of the Taskforce or of individual Taskforce members.

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Last updated 2 February 2012