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Business law

We develop policy relating to the regulation of New Zealand's capital and financial markets and market intermediaries, the conduct of its participants and their responsibilities to provide information to the public, corporate governance, financial reporting and the business law enforcement bodies.

An effective and consistent framework for regulation promotes confidence and participation in financial markets.

Effective corporate governance systems foster transparency and accountability by ensuring shareholders receive quality information about the company's performance and the directors' stewardship of their assets. This ensures that shareholders are able to exercise their powers to hold directors to account.

We aim to support economic growth and access to information, while managing risk and encouraging innovation in the financial sector.

In this area

Current business law work

Read about current work in business law, including:



Financial reporting

Changes to NZ’s financial reporting framework will affect charities, small and medium businesses, and other entities.



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Offering financial products

Find out about changes to the Securities Act 1978 and the Securities Regulations 2009, which regulate offers of financial products to the public.

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Trading securities and derivatives

We administer the Securities Markets Act 1988, which regulates trading on registered exchanges and authorised futures exchanges.

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Managed investment schemes

We administer the Unit Trusts Act 1960, and jointly administer the KiwiSaver Act 2006 with Inland Revenue.

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Financial advisers

Financial advisers must meet minimum standards of disclosure, competency and accountability.

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Financial reporting framework review

Changes are proposed to the way that business financial reporting is done.

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Incorporated societies

In 2013, the Law Commission published a report A New Act for Incorporated Societies.

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Agencies we monitor

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment monitors several agencies involved in financial issues in New Zealand, on behalf of the Minister of Commerce.

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Legislation we administer

We administer various legislation relating to the operation of companies and financial services in New Zealand.

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