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Better Public Services for Business

Better Public Services for Business aims to significantly improve the way businesses across New Zealand work with government.

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Business growth & internationalisation

We focus on policies that will help New Zealand businesses start, grow, and internationalise.

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Business law

We develop policy relating to the regulation of New Zealand's capital and financial markets and market intermediaries, the conduct of its participants and their responsibilities to provide information to the public, corporate governance, financial reporting and the business law enforcement bodies.

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Competition policy

Competition policy ensures that New Zealand has an innovative and efficient business sector.

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Economic development

We are working to implement the government’s Business Growth Agenda. In particular, we are leading work on building capital markets and encouraging innovation. We're also exploring opportunities for green growth – to develop the economy while caring for the environment.

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Intellectual property

We are responsible for policy relating to the protection of intellectual property in New Zealand.

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Standards & conformance

A standards and conformance system involves setting agreed standards to judge products, processes, performance and services.

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Trade & tariffs

Our work on trade and import tariffs makes it easier for New Zealand exporters to trade with other countries, and maintains fair market competition.

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Last updated 11 October 2013